Paleo Diet Myths

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Arthur Haines discusses several myths of the paleo diet, specifically addressing some of the restrictions of this diet. The Paleo Diet is attempting to mimic the diet of the indigenous (and their ancestors) using contemporary plants and animals. Some of the plants and types of animal foods that are categorically avoided in this diet were in fact eaten by indigenous people around the world (and likely their paleolithic ancestors). This necessitates re-evaluating aspects of this diet, or, at least, being more specific with certain guidelines so that followers of this diet can have better information to assist their dietary choices. NEW DISCUSSION: I think there are several sources of misunderstanding occurring with this video. Part of that is my fault. So let me explain further. To base our understanding on what paleolithic people consumed from what little we can find in the archeological record will lead to substantial biases, due to the fragmentary knowledge we have. Many plant food remnants will simply not exist today because conditions were not conducive to their persistence. Therefore, I infer types of food that were likely eaten by paleolithic people through examination of indigenous cultures (not always exact species, but similar types of foods). Given that the paleolithic period ended about 20000 years ago, there existed relatively similar technologies between paleolithic people and more recent, isolated indigenous people (eg, stone tools, use of fire, containers <b>…<b>


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