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Subscribe for more: Watch More of this show: Food on the paleo diet is not exciting. An individual following the meal plan is limited to plain, sodium-free and simple staples. Will the girls survive the week without their lattes? About Fitness Guinea Pig: On Fitness Guinea Pig, we enlist people from all walks of life, be it celebrities, comedians, actors, or your average everyday joe, to test todays most popular workouts, weight loss programs and fitness equipment. Well put them through the rigors of p90x, Zumba, and all of the latest trends in physical fitness. See these fitness guinea pigs in action and hear their results to decide which one is right (or not) for you! Michelle Money Michelle has been a professional in the beauty industry for over 12 years. After graduating from Hairitage College of Beauty and becoming a licensed cosmetologist, Michelle began to work in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist and hair stylist. She was also a lead makeup artist for LOreal Professional for years and traveled to every major hair show across the nation. Michelle is most known for her stint on The Bachelor season 15 and The Beachelor Pad season 2. YouTube: Twitter: @mmandlshow Everyday Health is your No. 1 resource for health and wellness advice. We make it fun and easy to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. Subscribe now and start feeling better — every day. EveryDay Health Like: Follow: Pinterest: Tumblr <b>…<b>


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