Over Forty Weight Gain – 3 Tips For Reversing Over Forty Weight Gain

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Over forty weight gain is more commonplace now due to the fact that baby boomers are over forty. You may have grown up without the best diet, and you have been busy raising a family and working. All of the sudden, you notice that you put on extra weight a lot easier than you used to. And it is a lot harder to take that “over forty weight gain” off. The truth is that our bodies after forty are not as efficient in burning calories as they used to be. If you have experienced over forty weight gain, there is good news for you. Over forty weight gain can be reversed if you simply follow these 3 tips.

Tip #1
Wash Away The Fat

Water can help wash away your over forty weight gain. Make sure you are getting at least four twelve to sixteen ounce glasses of water every day. This means water, not tea or other beverages which contain water. Water is a cleanser for your body, and has even been known to cause alzheimer’s symptoms to vanish when added to senior citizens’ diets. Also, you can not drink a soda if you are drinking water, so there is a two-fold benefit.

Tip #2
Take A Walk

Take an evening stroll after dinner, and walk off that over forty weight gain. Let your food digest, then take a 15 – 20 minute walk. Aside from keeping you off of the couch and getting you active, this aids in the digestive process, and you will find you sleep more soundly.

Tip #3
Eat More Often

Your body will burn off fat and calories more efficiently if you spread your daily food intake over four or five small meals. Your over forty weight gain is due in part to a slower metabolism, and your digestive system handles small amounts of food better. So remember, eat less, more frequently.

These three tips will help you reduce your over forty weight gain, but they are just the start. CLICK HERE to get some more free tips if you are serious about improving your health and appearance, and you will be able to kiss your over forty weight gain goodbye.


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