‘"Optimizing Your Vegan Diet for Better Health"- A presentation by William Harris, MD

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Shavian wit 4:40, Lacteals absorb fat 31:10, Why vegan diets work 9:28, Joel Fuhrman 32:05, Pathogens in plants? 11:59, Caldwell Esselstyn 32:30, Pathogens wont grow in plants 12:56, High carb low fat scares people off? 33:15, Domestic animals and epidemics 14:30, Indigestible cellulose 34:40, Origins of the high carb low fat mantra15:00, Nuts got a bad rap 36:25, Weston Price 17:00, "If Man Made it Dont Eat It" 37:40, Zone, Blood Type, Atkins 18:00, Food industry shenanigans 39:45, Ohzawa & macrobiotics 19:40, The USDA calls the shots-badly 40:30, Ancel Keyes 32:41, Medical costs of animal food 40:40, , Nathan Pritikin 24:22, Supplements? 42:35, John McDougall 25:14, Methionine and calcium loss 43:07, Most fats are in animal food 25:42, Histidine and allergic reactions 43:50, Dean Ornish 26:35, Whats left for a vegan? 45:00, TC Campbell 27:56, Iron deficiency in vegetarians? 48:20, Doug Graham 28:36, Osteoporosis = negative calcium balance 49:36, Nature loves fat 29:45, Caffeine 51:48 Videography and editing by William Harris, MD, on July 8, 2008 at Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse. Sponsored by: Vegetarian Society of Hawaii www.vsh.org


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