Nintendo Wii Fit – SUPER Hula Hooping!!/FAT BURNING!! ++SHARE YOUR FITNESS GOALS!!

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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!! I mention this in the video, but Im going to use the Wii fit for 3 months straight and see if its better than the gym. I just did the Super Hula Hooping this time around. I had to edit the video down, but a typical workout can consist of Super Hula Hooping, Pushups + Planks, Planks (alone), Lunges, Torso Twists, Jackknife, Various Yoga Poses, Rhythm Boxing & a few other things. This doesnt take longer than like 45 minutes, if that. Hit me up if you have any questions. Also, as you may recall from a previous vid I put up, I STILL cant hula hoop…so this only works on the Nintendo Wii for me, lol. Also, I decided to post this video after visiting Jias blog (youtube.comJiaTV) so Im just giving props where theyre due. OKAY BYE.


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