New Year Resolution Detox & Weight Loss Diet Tips by UK Dietitian Nichola Whitehead

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Here are some quick tips to think about when it comes to setting your New Years Diet & Nutrition Resolutions :) _____________________________ Hi! Thank you so much for watching. Dont forget to give this video a THUMBS UP if you liked it! You can SUBSCRIBE to my channel here: ________________________________ ABOUT ME Hi! My name is Nichola and Im a specialist UK Dietitian and blogger. Follow me for tips on diet, nutrition, weight loss and healthy recipes! Its not about fad diets.. its about a way of life. ________________________________ VISIT MY BLOG FOR MORE HEALTHY DIET TIPS & RECIPES: ________________________________ FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER & MORE FACEBOOK TWITTER PINTEREST INSTAGRAM User name: nicsnutrition WATCH MORE OF MY VIDEOS ON MY CHANNEL PAGE ________________________________ Disclaimer: I am a registered UK dietitian with the HPC and Im a member of the British Dietetic Association. I do not aim to promote or endorse any products featured over any other. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest. None of the companies shown or mentioned are paying me for this video.


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