Never Say Never a Jemi story S1;E1

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heyyy heyyy heyyy its me julia! (xoJulzzxoJonasxo) and i get to write the first episode! Katy and i have talked about the ideas but im gonna write the episode yay! so here it is! oh and one more thing this thing ^ means thoughts so ^ ^ are thoughts. Never Say Never a Jemi story Season One Episode One With Demi,12am,Park Demi:*sitting on the swing staring down at her feet slowly moving back and forth* ???:*sees Demi and smirks and walks behide her quietly*You really shouldnt sit here all alone,especially late at night someone might rape you. Demi:*rolls her eyes and looks at him,their faces inches apart*only you Joeseph*turns backa round staring at the stars* Joe:*smirks*Normally i dont let people call me that but when you do it sounds sexy Demi:*rolls her eyes*what do u want Joseph? Joe:*walks in front of her and puts his hands on the chains and leans down smilng*You know what Demi:Never gonna happen! Joe:Never Say Never baby Demi:its not gonna happen Joe:thats what you think Demi:cant you just leave me alone?!? Joe:*smiling*but i want to swing Demi:well theirs another swing Joe:i want this one*picks her up and sits on the swing setting her on his lap* Demi:ugh Joe! Joe:*smirks*What happen to Joeseph? Demi:ugh!*starts struggling* Joe:*wraps his arms around her stomach tight* Demi:*screams in pain* Joe:*lets go and falls back*ow Demi:*falls on top of him* Joe:*smriks*on second thought i like this better! Demi:ugh!*stands up*leave me alone Joseph!*walks off* Joe:*stands up <b>…<b>


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