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I used to be a great size, 57" && 140 lbs, but even then I didnt see it. I thought I was fat then… I went through huge, horrible incidents in my life, now Im 40 lbs heavier && feel like a total COW!! I hate going out in public because I compare myself to every skinny girl && feel like everyone is looking at me because I feel like I look huge. I know Im not super obese, but I look in the mirror and think "fat", every picture of myself I just want to delete. I was recently in my friends wedding & I look so fat in all the pics! I wish I could get into her facebook profile & delete every pic of me. Anyway, I used to be sooo good about my weight && have great willpower! Now if Im happy, sad, mad, bored, I eat, and cant help it! I really would appreciate any and all encouragement! Im hoping you guys will help my willpower & encourage me to keep losing weight && make more videos! I would also appreciate any tips! I work outside & away from home with no fridges, microwaves, etc, during the day so whats most convenient? Fast food… ugh, I usually have it 1-3 times a day. I know if I cut that habit out, that will help alot! Any suggestions on quick meals & snacks would be awesome! I have a day && a night job, so dont have much time for exercising! If anybody has any quick & effective workout tips, please let me know!! Current weight… 180.4 lbs…. August 7, 2010. Would like to get to 145lbs.. we will see. One lb at a time!


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