My Raw Food Diet Now vs. 14 Years Ago

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Loading .... Hey Everyone! We still have plenty of stock left in our current Inventory Blow0ut Sale. Check out the current inventory blow0ut list further below this video, to see whats left. So today in the video below, I show you the recipe for the huge salad that I used to eat every single day when I first started eating a 100% Raw Food Diet. Then I show you what I eat today. The difference in the quantity of food will most likely surprise you ;-) There are a few reasons why I choose to eat so little these days. Although there is a persistent "calorie myth" that you require a lot of calories from food for energy, I find personally that the less food I eat, the more energy I have. For example, I generally play basketball for 5 hours straight on Sundays and besides coconut water and green juice, I dont eat my single meal for the day until after the games, or otherwise I have less energy during the games. I do drink a lot of the water from the green cococonuts throughout the day ;-) Also, as I mention in the video below, it is very effortless and comfortable for me to eat this daily small amount of food; it is by no means a struggle or challenge. If I ate anything more than this amount of food, I would feel lethargic and not function optimally throughout the rest of the day. This is simply where my diet has organically evolved to and I have zero emotional issues about the food I eat. However, as mentioned in the video below, when I first went on a raw food <b>…<b>


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