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Join My Family For Free: – Free Nutrition Books, Health, Fitness Info. Permanent weight loss, Detox Information with Menu and Recipes balooned by always having high insulin levels, i was loading carbs "log on the log in a fire that still has not burned off", never accessing fat burning mode. My athletic performance declined after gaining the weight, now after loosing the weight my performance and speed increased, mental clarity increased. be careful with carbo loading. at initial first weeks i had no energy, but eventually i felt better and better after reducing carb intake, my body adjusted to low glycemic foods, more protein and more fat, i feel fantastic now! I feel like my old young self! much healthier and happier! Cauliflower rice raw low fat recipe! MY NATURAL HUMAN DIET- RAW PLANT BASED PALEO (not) DIET there is nothing wrong and can be beneficial for many people who does not have cancers or does not need to heal from serious degenerative diseases to have 95 %- 90 % plants instead of 100 % in the diet, 5-10 % % animal protein or even try the Paleolithic diet approach. different people have different needs, its whats easiest to stick to everyone long term on a healthy and still alkaline diet. include exercise and get good gains. my priority is to look at the big picture and do something to change factory farming, help people avoid processed foods, have one meal a week of animal product instead of everyday, thats the <b>…<b>


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