My Macros for 2011’s Reverse Diet

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(READ) I forgot to mention the changes to cardio. For most of my prep I Was doing 2 Medium intensity steady state (MISS) cardio sessions for 400kcal each, and 1 HIIT session (10 rounds) per week. For 2 total weeks (1 week before each peak week) I did 3 MISS sessions and 2 HIIT sessions per week. After the final competition, I dropped the HIITs immediately and did 3 MISS sessions for 400kcal per week up until around New Years. I dropped it down to 2 MISS sessions per week and held that until Summer came. (I wish I kept doing cardio but oh well lol) My Shirts! – (International) my facebook my backup channel: My WORKOUT LOG: Twitter @flexforall Instragram flexforall my coaches: DETAILS on the OGUS vs JONES competition You can buy 5 Rippetoes Starting Strength, and other recommended products here: serious business inquiries: ogiemonster (AT) Royalty free music: My Outro: Frank Yang ending:


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