My journey to weightloss as an Amputee, Left leg, above the Knee.

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Me, and my stump. Im on a quest to lose the weight I put on after losing my leg. I didnt care about losing weight for a long while, and used to walk for miles back before when I had two legs. I made the decision to lose the extra weight I put on, and watching myself in this video only makes it even MORE important to lose it! Wow, I really got fat! Hey, at least I can do something about it! And I will work hard at it. So far? Ive parked the fat maker…my motorized chair. Ive cut down on calories, and I crutch much more often now. I also use my manual wheelchair exclusively. ANY movement has to be better than no movement. So these are the changes I have made so far, and I will add more as time goes on.


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