My Diet: What I Eat on a Daily Basis, and More!

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Yes this is a lengthy video I apologize for that, but I have a lot to say! I have linked times and topics below in case you are here for one thing or another. I will be uploading my fitness routine video soon! I hope you find this entertaining if not informative; this is not meant for those seeking to lose weight, nor am I claiming to be a professional. People are just curious, so I thought I would share! I also want questions about fitness that you want answered! (Keep to personal fitness questions, because again, I am not a professional trainer!) :) Topics to Jump To: Background of my health: 1:23 Personal Goals: 4:14 Where I Get My Info: 5:18 Indulge: 8:38 Diet: 10:48 My Pescatarian Lifestyle: 13:00 What I Eat in a Day: 19:20 Favorite Websites for Info: (there is more that I cant remember. I will add them when I can recall them.) Marlenas weight loss Video (MakeupGeekTV): ————————————————————————————— Subscribe to my new channel! Twitter for constant updates! Fashion Blog: And on instagram! sarahhawkinson Follow me on Pose: sarahhawkinson My Other Channel: Facebook: Tumblr: Chictopia: Horror Blog: (warning: disturbing pictures) Buy some jewelry <b>…<b>


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