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Hey guys! Its What I Ate Wednesday! :) Sorry I didnt show my dessert…we were too lazy watching TV and eating to pick up the camera and film, ha ha ha! I will try and do a dinnerslunches of the week video soon. It just takes a little more planning :) xoxo Thanks to blushinpixie for giving me a fig roll craving ;) Pictures are on my blog! Dont forget to subscribe to my daily vlogs! Follow us on Twitter! Anna: Jofus: Be our friend on Facebook! :) Ask me anythingsubmit video requests here! Subscribe to StyleHaul! Follow us on Instagram! TAGS: My Food Diary Daily Diet WhatIAteWednesday Fitness What I Ate Wednesday Today Banana Porridge Oatmeal Fruit Yoghurt Caprese Sandwich Salmon Potatoes Corn Grapes Cinnamon Blueberries Cooking Kitchen Healthy Health Pregnant 9 Months Eating For Two Baby Nutrition Vegetarian Pescetarian Dessert Yummy Weight Gain Loss Management Exercise Anna Saccone TheStyleDiet Lifestyle Guru Irish Italian Ireland Cork Naples Italy Joly LeFloofTV


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