Metabolic Damage, Weight Loss Resistance, Stress and Weight Gain

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Metabolic Damage? weight loss resistance? Stress and weight gain? What are they and how does stress cause weight gain? Learn what goes wrong with the metabolism & why it gets damaged. Imagine your physiology and every system in it as a see-saw that is constantly trying to seek balance. It bounces back and forth slowly and deliberately in a well orchestrated attempt to keep homeostasis. This is the dualistic and diphasic aspect of physiology that is summed up perfectly in the traditional Chinese medicine concept of yin and yang. The metabolism stops working when it becomes pushed andor stuck on one side of the see-saw. This is very much like a 300 pound man sitting on a see-saw with a small child on the other end. The metabolism is unable to find balance no matter what measures it puts into place. The metabolism also has a hierarchy. You have nervous system function and when that becomes disrupted, it negatively impacts the endocrine system (hormone system), and both negatively impact the digestive system which then leads to nutrient deficiencies, compromised antioxidant defense systems, damaged cell membranes and then all of this of course makes the nervous system more dysfunctional and a viscious cycle ensues. So, you can think of metabolic dysfunction as a lot like dominoes, once one domino falls the rest are directly impacted and will likely fall as well. Want to learn more? Thousands have gone through our free video course on fat loss:


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