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Livestock in US produce 86.000 pounds of excrement per second Thats 130 times more than the entire human population Livestock Produces 40% more Greenhouse gas emissons than global transportation Amazon forest releases 20 Billion tonnes of fresh water into the atmosphere everyday 24 hours of deforestation releases as much Co2 as 8 million peopple flying from London to New York Every second, rainforest the size of a football field is destroyed to produce 257 hamburgers More than 90% of Amazon forest cleared since 1970 is used for livestock pasture 16 punds of Grain needed to produce 1 pound of Beef Factory farm Cows never die of hunger YET a child dies from hunger every 2.3 seconds 1.2 Billion peopple suffer from hunger another 1.2 Billion peopple are obese Every year 760 Million tonnes of grain fed to Livestock.It could solve global food shortage 14 times Grain fed toanimals for livestock loses 90% of the energy from the original grain 1 hectare of land produces potatoes for 22 people 1 hectare of land produces rice for 19 people 1 hectare of land produces lamb for 2 people 1 hectare of land produces beef for 1 person 1.1 Billion peopple live without safe clean drinking water.Thats 1 to 6 of Us. 19737 Liters of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef This is enough water to take a 7 minute shower avery day for an entire year info source: video source:


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