Master Your Gout

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 My name is Riccardo Thomas and I first had gout twenty years ago.   On the other hand I have been gout-free for the last fifteen years.  I don’t take daily medication, and I don’t live by a crazy diet more suited to a Buddhist monk.  I eat and drink what I want.  I live a normal life.

I am no stranger to gout. I know all about the red, swollen, big toe joint, burning with pain.  It’s relentless.  It breaks your spirit.  It hurts even when you’re  not moving.  In fact it hurts especially when you’re not moving.   In bed at night it hurts worst of all.  Those painful, sleepless nights when even the bedclothes lying on your foot can be excruciating.

If you suffer from gout, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  You’ll need no reminders about this stuff:

In my early thirties, I had already suffered gout  for five years.  I had to fly to Japan on a business trip, and I could feel the first tingling of gout starting as I drove to the airport. I spent the twelve-hour flight to Tokyo  in frank agony, and the following week I hobbled between meetings, wincing with pain, unable to concentrate on work or anything else.

I bought all the books I could, I read dozens of research papers.  I immersed myself in figures for serum urate concentrations, crystalization rates,  solubility gradients, kidney flow rates and purine metabolism.  I also scoured the “alternative medicine” news sheets for advice.   I was determined to figure out what really causes gout, and to get rid of this curse from my life.

Once I’d understood how gout works, the answers to my problem were astonishingly easy.  I tried out the various tactics on myself, and found what worked.  Then I refined them.  And their simplicity means they can work for absolutely anyone, regardless of other medical conditions.

Let me be clear, these tactics for beating gout are not some hocus-pocus theory.  They are not based on some rare and miraculous herb.  They are based on regular science – on scientific facts and on relevant research.

But – You need simple straightforward information, not a mishmash of chemical names – xanthines, purines and oxidases.  You certainly do not need a long list of banned foods, based on flawed assumptions and, frankly, wishful thinking.  That diet is difficult to follow, will make your life a misery –  and won’t even work!

If you want simple, straightforward information and tactics which you can use RIGHT NOW to master and get rid of your gout – then I can definitely help you.

I read an email recently that promised me effortless weightloss through deep breathing.  Yes, deep breathing.  Call me a skeptic but…  These tactics are not like that.   They are based on the chemistry of gout.  Once you can see how they work, you won’t have any doubts about it.

But there’s more to it than that, isn’t there?  Once you’ve defeated the miserable pain…


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