Margaret Cho – Persimmon Diet

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From CHO REVOLUTION. I went on one diet, my last diet I ever went on. I ate only persimmons for six months and… I was driving in my car, here in LA. And it was about 4 in the afternoon, so there was like a lot of traffic and um. And I was driving, kinda rockin out ♪Holiday. Celebrate♪ And I realized….. I AM GONNA SHIT RIGHT NOW!! And it caught me off guard. Because normally you have a good twenty minutes. Theres this window of opportunity where you know to start looking for a Barnes and Noble or some kind of….equivalent bookmusic superstore that, you know, we all take that for granted, but I did not have that luxury, no Im gonna shit right NOW! No Im not. no no no. No Im not not gonna shit no ahhhahaha no no no no no no Im holding my ass SO TIGHT. I made a diamond in there. Which was not my best friend. And then it became crystal clear, that indeed.. I am gonna shit right now. I am. Whats with this masquerade? Its, its only me and I am, I am mm hmm, yeah I shall. I will. Indeed. Yeah. And I just have to let go and let God because, its bigger than me and um, He has a plan which includes this and I pray for the understanding that one day I will know why but until that day comes Ill just trust that he does work in mysterious ways. Yet Im still trying to bargain a little bit like oh Ill just let out…… compromise myself .. just a little bit, just a little bit, just let out a little bit, Ill just let out a little bit, a little bit… ♪ Holiday♪ I <b>…<b>


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