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As-salaamu alaikum, lovelies! Please understand that regarding the issue of makeup and wudhu, the scholars have differing opinions on this so do your research with a qualified scholar (not Sheikh Google!) if you ever have questions about our deen or fiqh details! Im not Sheikh Amenakin – Im just sharing what I do ;o) My instagram @pearldaisyltd and my Keek is Amenakin – add me! Wanna ask me or the hubbers a question? Tweet your question with the hashtag AskAmenakin and your question could get featured in a video! What Im wearing: Cardigan – Dorothy Perkins Oversized Tshirt – ASOS Necklace – Accessorize Scarf – Ive redesigned the shape of the Hoojab and this is a prototype that Im wearing. I will do a tutorial once these are available on Pearl Daisy, iA! The Hoojab Version 3.1 is coming soon :oD Let me know what you think and leave your video suggestions in the comments! Keep in touch: Instagram! @pearldaisyltd Facebook me! Tweet me! My blog: Sound effects from Apple


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