Lupe Fiasco – Cold War ➟ Food & Liquor II ➟ Lyrics in Description! HD

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Subscribe for more real rap! Lyrics: [Verse 1] At my brothers Janazah Tears stained sunglassses A Salat with no bows Pallbearer carry you to the car now Chilly day, Mosque on 96 and 3rd New York City way, me and J never left my side Rest like that picture with your pride Who look just like.. Now the city looks less bright Brooklyn looking less special Dont carry the same weight As when you were on this level You: work in progress from 40 projects, God bless An inspiration and a king They wont know what I mean but this Im bout to spring Protect it with every feather on the wings So even when it hurts, youll never feel a thing [Hook] Said its a cold cold war Aint nobody wins like the government In the USSR ? Nobody cares Who you think you are And you can fight it, but theres no defense For what things are Baby grab a jacket Its a cold, cold… [Verse 2] Let me clarify the chorus And what my cold war is Cause the complexity is enormous Using one of my greatest losses with eyes like faucets To reinforce every single word that I talk with Something about losing things, human beings That reduces things to their most elementary Find yourself where you never meant to be With the energy of memories Thats the soul force of whats behind killing me Finding pleasure in the pains Like finding desert in the rain Twisted: how this world can drive you masochistic Question if Im over it Or if Im numb because Im closureless Or my closures that we all gotta go and shit <b>…<b>


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