Loving this Life [ep. 55] DESCRIPTION!

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AT THE GYM. Ashley: Im going over to those machines. Selena: Ill go with you. Nick: Ill be over at the weight lifting working out these babies. [flex his biceps] Miley: yea yea your strong we get it. [mumbles] show off Selena: [laughs] come on Ashley there is two seats between that guy. Miley: Ill be on the treadmill. WITH SELENA AND ASHLEY ??: 2, 3, [sees Ashley and selena] 97, 98, Selena: [sits on the machine next to him] Ashley: [sits on the other side] ??: 99, 100. [stops and wipes his forhead] woo what a workout. 100 of those. Ashley: hey selena I thought 4 comes after 3 Selena: it does but apparent he doesnt know how to count. [they both laugh] ??: Im Corbin by the way and you are? [to Ashley] Ashley: Im not interested. Selena: and plus if you were trying to get at a girl, next time dont use the 1 skip number 99 to 100 method. Ashley: because weve heard that thousand of time. Selena: actually thousand and one times. [they both laugh] Corbin: ooh I see. So you girls are committed? Selena: no not at all. Actually my boyfriend is here. [points to nick] Corbin: ooh your boyfriends the one with all the girls staring at while working out? Selena: what? [looks at nick and sees hes surrounded by girls] [gets up and walks over to him] Corbin: so I guess its just you and me Ashley: actually Im going to the treadmill. [gets up and starts to walk over to the treadmill] Corbin: [runs in front of her and blocks her way] Ashley: can you move? Corbin: not until I get what I want <b>…<b>


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