Love Your Body (weight-loss?) – Tapping with Brad Yates

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I hope this video will benefit a lot of folks struggling with a number of body image issues. Please dont wait for your bathroom scale to tell you when it is okay to feel good about yourself – start doing so now. The more you love yourself, the more your body – and how you treat it – will be a healthy reflection of that love – and the numbers wont matter. Im experimenting with a new way of doing videos to expedite the production process and get more out there – sorry if the quality is distracting. For aton of great resources to help you live your best life possible, and even links to Gary Craigs EFT site and his free manual and training videos, please visit: Be Magnificent! Brad http If youd like to get instant access to well over 100 hours of Life-Enhancing, Laughter-Inducing, Fear-Smashing, Abundance-Attracting, Joy-Inspiring audio for only $1, go here: I also hope youll consider letting folks know about my videos… these are free If you want even more great stuff for free, check out my monthly newsletter:


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