Louis Tomlinson Love Story Chapter Thirty Part 2

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*Next Morning* Shay: *wakes up* Louis: Good youre up. We need to talk about this Shay: *sits up* Do I really have too? Louis: Of course we do Shay: Alright *rubs her forehead* What do you have to say? Louis: I dont like your body. I hate it. I was attracted to the old you! I loved your body, Shay you dont have to lose weight to feel pretty. i love you and your body *hugs her* Your old body, not this one. You could even be 300 pounds id still love you. They dont know you so why should they be telling you , you dont deseve me. I love you! Shay: *looking down* Louis: i dont want someone skinnier, I dont want someone else. I want you and only you *kisses her forehead* Ok? Shay: *wipes her eyes* Yea Louis: *hugs her again* in my eyes your beautiful and perfect *stands her up* So you have to promise me you wont hurt yourself no more in anyway possible. Promise? Shay: *nods* Promise *smiles* Louis: Alright then *puts her over his shoulder and carries her to their house* *sits her on the counter* Shay: *laughs* What are you doing? Louis: I am going to fatten you up. Niall!! Niall: Yo *walks in* Louis: *throws 2 bags of chips 2 tubs of ice cream 1 package of cookies 3 chocolate bars on the counter infront of Shay* I need you to make sure Shay eats ALL of this! Ok Niall: do i get some Louis:Knock yourself out *goes upstairs* Shay: *sighs* I cant eat all of this! What the hell Niall: *shoves a cookie in her mouth* Eat!! Louis: *comes downstairs on his cellphone* Shay: What are you <b>…<b>


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