Losing 140 lbs – My Weight loss Weigh in for week 7

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Bad Screen Wipes Free of Charge, May be something embarassing in this episode.WK1 -10lbs WK2 -3lbs WK3 -8.5lbs WK4 -+0 WK5 -6.5lbs WK6 -5lbs WK1 -4.55kg WK2 -1.36kg WK3 -3.86kg WK4 -+0 WK5 -2.95kg WK6 -2.27kg The results of Week 7 weigh in as part of a series tracking my progress, exercise and lifestyle change in a bid to lose 140lbs. So many times you see success stories after they have happened, this series allows you to join my on my journey to my goal, seeing changes as they happen. Positive AND Negative comments are welcome as they all help. Please help me in publicising this series and subscribing to my channel. Music: ParagonX9Radosh www.facebook.com


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