Lose Weight With Cinnamon and Honey

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Link → ProgramToLoseFat.com Recommended ! =) weight loss is a full time job, and, well, most of us already have one or two of those. I figured I would never lose weight, but I knew I at least needed to be healthy. In hindsight, thats the best decision to make. Everyone will tell you its not about shedding pounds, but being healthy inside no matter what you look like outside. Unfortunately, this is something youll hear a million times, read a million articles about weight loss, and start-then-stop every other month. Quite frankly, you have to realize it for yourself, no one can make you get it. All I can say is, it clicked for me when I gave up. If I couldnt look like a super model, I could at least try to take care of myself. No one would notice, I might not fit into old jeans again, but Id be healthy. So I wouldnt spend 2 hours at the gym 7 days a week, but Id make a point to get on the treadmill every now and then. I wouldnt guzzle green juice to replace my meals, but Id commit to eating oatmeal every morning. The Plan Recently I was at a friends house, and something caught my eye on her counter. Hiding in a pile of report cards and art projects was an unassuming flyer typed in plain font, with no author listed, titled "Cinnamon and Honey Cures". She had grabbed it from a stack of them outside her health food store. Someone had taken the time to compile various instructions, all centered on cinnamon and honey, gathered from all over the world, from scientists <b>…<b>


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