lose weight northern ireland Tip # 14

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weight loss the easy way at www.weightloss-made-easy.co.uk with this audio presentation,tip # 14 in a series of 28. Full transcript below. weight loss, Then Weight Gain – Stop Being A Yo-Yo By Grahame P Cossum Article Word Count 551 weight loss, then weight gain – stop feeling like a yo-yo You have been there havent you I know I have until I found out how to get off that particular carousel. weight loss-weight gain and then just to add insult to injury a little extra weight every time we diet… but why? The answer is actually quite simple and at the same time frustrating, your body isnt out to get you although it can seem that way. In actual fact your body and mind are working in co-operation to protect you from potential death. Let me explain, when you restrict your food intake as you do on a diet your body goes into something called starvation mode, the unconscious mind has no comprehension of the word diet it just knows that food is getting restricted because of a potential famine or because you are starving yourself to death for some reason so it sends a signal to the body… protect me. In order to protect you your body now holds on to whatever fat reserves you have, and just to add insult to injury it uses any food that you take in very efficiently and converts it too fat as well. With all this storage going on your body has to get energy from somewhere so it now starts burning muscle, and this explains why you end up with the classic gaunt face but still <b>…<b>


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