Lose Weight Derry Londonderry Tip # 15

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weight loss the easy way with Grahame Cossum at www.weightloss-made-easy.co.uk northern ireland with this audio presentation,tip # 15 in a series of 28. Full transcript below. Losing Weight – Its Not What Youre Eating, Its What Is Eating You By Grahame P Cossum Article Word Count 419 We can very easily confuse an emotional need for a hunger need, so if you had a bad day at work or are feeling depressed, the unconscious mind sends out a signal that it has an "emotional" need, that need has to be addressed. Unfortunately we get this signal confused with our most basic need, which is food. Again we cannot satisfy this need with food, so enough is never enough, and we are caught in a vicious circle. You need to be able to tell the difference between an actual hunger need and an emotional need disguised as a hunger need. This is of vital importance if you want to lose weight and keep it off, the term emotional eating is a well-recognised issue when it comes to food. How do you know if you are an emotional eater? If you eat because you are fed up, depressed, angry, sad, bored then you are an emotional eater, listen we all eat when we are emotional its normal. It only becomes a problem when you are using food to suppress emotions "All the Time". If you are absolutely serious about wanting to lose weight and keep it off then the reasons behind your emotional eating have to be addressed, otherwise you will diet for the rest of your life and keep putting the weight back on. The <b>…<b>


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