Lose weight and get in shape! – New years resolution

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www.scoobysworkshop.com Check out these inspirational stories! Is your new years resolution to lose weight and get in shape? Its not as tough as you think and I will show you how. "Diet" is a four letter word, remove it from your vocabulary! If you go ON a diet, you will eventually have to come OFF it and when you do, your weight will rebound . Make small, doable changes – not epic efforts doomed to failure. Small changes in our nutrition and lifestyle can make a huge difference over a year. For example: — two slices toast instead of a daily donut – lose 15lbs fat in a year — soda water instead of a daily coke – lose 15lbs fat in a year — baked potato instead of daily french fries – lose 40lbs fat in a year — walk 20 minutes a day – lose 10lbs fat in a year The beauty of these little changes is that each one is easy but they all add up to make a huge difference. Just promise that you will walk at least 20min a day and choose 2 or 3 of the unhealthy things you eat on a daily basis and replace them with a healthy alternative. Just promise yourself that you will do them for one full month, anybody can live without french fries for one month! Just take it one day at a time, cross the days off on a calendar if you want. A wonderful thing will happen after a month, your new healthy habits will have formed! You will already feel better and have more energy, people will start complimenting you and you will be STOKED! You might even find that you are so excited about how <b>…<b>


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