LMAupdate: WeightLoss/Purity

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LMA update thanks for all your love, comments, views I need more God, Thanks for all your prayers weight loss info: Resources for Loosing Weight – GOD, Jesus n Holy Spirit — Weight Watchers: www.weightwatchers.com – Body Breakthru bodybreakthru.blogspot.com – LAFitness: lafitness.com I started my WLJ in ( weight loss journey) July 2011 at 307 lbs and today I am 198lbs on 2 I have lost a total of 109 lbs. and want to achieve my healthy BMI of 150lbs. I am 55 and have been over weight MY WHOLE LIFE. This is a MIND, BODY and SOUL journey that will take so many tools and support to reach my 157lb loss. Currently I am working towards 4lbs per month. Purity info: Been living Pure for 3 years … C the journey on the playlist here : Purity – www.youtube.com For Help and Inspiration on the SIngle life, Purity and relationship with God check it out : www.singlespleasingthelord.com live, Learn, LOVE ~Lindsey For more from Lindsey m Adams : FB: www.facebook.com Tweet: www.twitter.com Blog: www.lindseymadams.blogspot.com web www.lindseymadams.com tumblr lindseymadams.tumblr.com instagram instagram.com


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