#LLTV Q&A #13 – How Fast Can I Lose Weight?

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How Fast Can I lose weight Hey Live Leaners, On todays #LLTV Q&A episode, Jess is answering a few key questions about her and her philosophies regarding fitness, nutrition, and overall health. I also jump into the fun with a little bit of education and a little bit of flirting! I know Jess loves it. These questions include: 1. 0:37 How Did You Hear About Brad? 2. 1:10 What Is Your Most Embarrassing Moment? 3. 2:36 What Is Your Favorite Cheat Meal? 4. 3:07 Steady Pace Cardio or HIIT? 5. 3:49 What Is Your Favorite Body Part To Train? 6. 4:42 #1 Tip To Live Lean? 7. 5:32 How Fast Can I lose weight? 8. 6:20 How Many Times Do You Workout A Week? 9. 6:46 What Is Your Basic Philosophy On Nutrition? 10. 7:17 How Many Years Have You Been Training? 11. 7:33 What Was Your Body Like Before You Started Training? Enjoy the video! I LOVE IT when you: Click LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, & FAVORITE these videos! ✔ FULL BLOG POST AT: www.bradgouthrofitness.com ✔ GET THE TABATA INTERVAL TIME THAT I USE: ow.ly MISSED AN EPISODE? CHECK OUT MY FULL #LLTV PLAYLISTS: ✔ BRADS COOKBOOK: ow.ly ✔ LIVE LEAN TV WORKOUTS: ow.ly ✔ FOOD WARS: ow.ly ✔ #LLTV Q&A: ow.ly ✔ FREESTYLE FRIDAY: ow.ly ✔ MY SITE: ow.ly ✔ MY PRODUCTS TO LIVE LEAN: ow.ly ✔ LIVE LEAN CLOTHING: ow.ly ✔ TWITTER: ow.ly ✔ INSTAGRAM: ow.ly (@BradGouthro) ✔ FACEBOOK: ow.ly ✔ PINTEREST: ow.ly ✔ FREE E-BOOK STARTER GUIDE: LIVE LEAN FOREVER: ow.ly Music by: Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com Cut And Dry, Kevin MacLeod (www <b>…<b>


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