Live Recorded Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Session

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Please note that this weight loss hypnosis session is hypnotic in nature so please do not listen to it whilst doing something that requires your full attention. To get the maximum benefit from this session we recommend listening to it in a place in which you will be the most comfortable. This hypnosis session was recorded live at *** Free 30 Day weight loss Challenge *** My FREE 30 Day weight loss Challenge really does compliment this free weight loss self hypnosis session For more information about this challenge please click on the link below. *** MP3 Download Now Available *** The mp3 version of this self hypnosis session is now available for you to download. Listening to this session on mp3 give you the flexibility of of being able to listen to it away from your computer. You can purchase this session for the low price of £5.00 by clicking on the link below.


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