Life is precious Jemi one shot part 2

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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor hey guys *Demis pov* I couldnt believe it their it was the bump. My baby, Joes baby a baby I didnt know what I was going to do I couldnt tell my foster parents because for one theyre really religious and for two they would kick me out but as I continue to let my mind wonder a question kept reeling to my head, why did it take me so long to see Im pregnant. ~end of Pov~ Joe-*from downstairs* DEMS COME ON THE MOVIES STARTING! Demi- *pulls her shirt down*Coming *goes out the room and into the living room* Joe- Dont you look comfy Demi-Well of course cause after this Im going to bed Joe- will I be joining you Demi-uh no Joe- *pouts* oh come on Demetria Demi- h Jospeh dont temp me with first name bases Joe- *chuckles* ok come lets start the movie *Jemi goes and sits on the couch* Demi- which movie we watching Joe- were watching grown up *clicks play on the dvd player* ~3 hours later~ Demi- *leaning on Joe sleeping* Joe- *picks her up and places her on her bed* Demi-*sleeps talks * Joe Im pregnant Joe- *stares at her shocked and leaves* *the next day* Demi- *on her cell phone* Hi I called cause I wanted to scheduel an appointment for two o clock Lady- okay name please Demi- Lovato,Demi Lady- okay Demi I will see you at two Demi-okay thank you *hangs up and walks down stairs* Demis foster mom(DFM)- Demetria walking to school Demi- yes mother i will see you guys later Demis foster dad(DFD)- love you Demetria Demi <b>…<b>


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