Last Man Standing (Chest & Legs) BSN CELLMASS GIVEAWAY!

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BSN CELLMASS GIVEAWAY RULES! (Contest ends February 26th 2013) 1. Barbell MUST touch your chest on each rep. 2. Your legs MUST break parallel with each air squat. 3. You MUST complete 5 rounds. 4. Your video MUST be filmed in ONE SHOT and uploaded as a video response to this video. 5. Your video MUST be labeled like this: YOUR NAME — SHF LAST MAN STANDING- YOUR TIME — YOUR BODYWEIGHT Are you ready for the ULTIMATE BODYWEIGHT CHALLENGE?! FIVE rounds is all it is going to take to put your body to the test and completely exhaust your CHEST & LEGS! For this benchmark workout challenge you will need to Bench Your Bodyweight for TEN reps and complete FORTY reps of Air Squats. When benching you must touch your chest with the barbell for each rep and your legs MUST break parallel while performing the squats. If you dont follow the rules, your reps will not count! You will need a timer for this challenge and a workout partner would be a great idea as well. I cant wait to see all my Hermanites push themselves to the MAX! #HTH Nation! TEAR IT UP! My Time: 10 minutes 48 seconds My Bench Press Weight: 175 pounds • 2 exercises • Reps will vary per exercise • 5 rounds- As Fast As Possible (AFAP) (0:34)- Routine Sets & Reps! (1:34)- Round 1 (1:44)- Air Squat (40 reps) (2:30)- Barbell Bench Press (Bodyweight- 10 reps) (3:03)- Round 2 (3:06)- Air Squat (40 reps) (3:53)- Barbell Bench Press (Bodyweight- 10 reps) (4:47)- Round 3 (4:48)- Air Squat (40 reps) (5:42)- Barbell Bench Press <b>…<b>


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