Kickstart Your Weightloss – Tips and Motivation!

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::::OPEN ME I am by no means a fitness expert, nutritionist, etc…I am simply giving little tips on how to get started on dieting. the same comment I get alot is, I dont have the motivation…and well, I completely understand that. the motivation has to hit you and something has to click in your head otherwise its going to be a failure (believe me! before my "click", I failed on most "diets") however thats the great thing, dont think of it as a diet, think of it as a healthier lifestyle. thats how I do it. instead of eating out everynight and never skipping dessert, I just readjusted to working out more and cooking more. and yeah, on the weekends, I will go out if I feel the need to but so far this week no cravings for sweets, alcohol, or olive garden. lol hope this video can be helpful in some way. if you dont feel ready to lose the weight, theres no time limit, theres no pressure. you can lose the weight whenever youre ready, IF YOU WANT. I know people who are MORE THAN HAPPY with their size and thats fine too Im not here to preach, judge. yall know I share so much of my life with you and since I struggle with eating and exercise, I just wanted to share this with you as well. I LOVE YOU ALL and your body IS beautiful. love yourself, love your body enough to take care of it :) ::::MORE TRISH ON THE WEB!!!!!!! tweet me @trishapaytas like me on facebook find me on tumblr! instagram trishapaytas king of the web kingofweb <b>…<b>


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