Kettlebell Workout Secrets – Tips, Tricks, And Shortcuts for Kettlebell Results

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Kettlebell workouts are becoming wildly popular today. They’re everywhere from your local Target to NBC’s, “The Biggest Loser.” But what kind of results are people seeing?

I guess that depends on the kettlebell routine. Some are hit, and some are miss. Here’s what you absolutely must know about kettlebell workouts in order to burn fat.

When you search for kettlebell workouts on the internet, you’ll never know what you may find. Many kettlebell workouts look like they’re just thrown together haphazardly, with little or no purpose other than to get “a workout in.”

When your using kettlebell exercises to burn fat (and to a certain extent – any exercises), you need to pick not only the correct exercises, but also the correct set up, or loading parameters for those exercises.

Here are the three things you must do with your kettlebell workout routines in order to burn maximum calories, and therefore, fat.

Now before any of those ideas scare you, let’s take a closer look at “why” these are the best methods to incorporate into our kettlebell workouts.

When we look into the world of elite athletes, we see that they are lean, muscular, and strong. (Not the endurance ones like marathoners – they’re skinny and weak.) These athletes have very little if any belly fat, leg fat, or chest fat. Their bodies look and work the way they’re designed to and coincidentally are the way we want ours to look and feel.

The first thing you need to know about these athletes, is that they train for strength in order to make their performance in their sporting events better.

Because training for strength allows you to do more work. And for athletes, more work means running faster, or lifting heavier weights, or jumping higher.

And the way you train for strength is to lift heavy – or heavy for you. Take a look at elite middleweight powerlifters, weightlifters, and even track and field athletes. All of them are strong AND lean.

And doing more work means you will burn more calories. And burning more calories means you’re burning more fat.

The second is even cooler – lifting heavy targets very specific parts of your muscles that use a ton of energy. These are called Type 2 muscle fibers. And they are only activated when you lift heavy.

Third, When you lift heavy, not only do you use the energy-gulping Type 2 muscle fibers, but you are also using the rest of the muscles in your body a lot more. That’s because these muscles have to stabilize your body to keep it from bending or twisting in the wrong way.

In essence it’s almost like you’re using twice the amount of energy you would with lighter kettlebells.

And the really cool thing about using kettlebell routines that incorporate heavy lifting, is that the kettlebell itself makes your body work harder, due to it’s offset handle. This makes those stabilizer muscles work harder than if you used a…


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