Just Lift! EXTREME Bodyweight Circuit Training! 4 Rounds AFAP!

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Upper body? Lower body? We got it all in this circuit of 4 exercises! But the intensity is all up to you! Take little to no rest if you think you have what it takes. You can even toss on a weighted vest and push it way past your limit! Remember Nation, HERMANITES TRAIN HARDER! #HTH • 4 rounds • 4 exercises • 15 reps per exercise • Spider-Man Push-Up (10 reps per side) • Little to NO REST between sets! (0:25)- Routine Sets & Reps! (1:34)- Pull-Up (2:25)- Box Jump (30 in) (3:29)- Toe-2-Bar (4:12)- Spider-Man Push-Up Check out my website for more routines & exercises! www.ScottHermanFitness.com SHF Browser App- Dont Miss My Next Video! myapp.wips.com Join the most supportive and fastest growing community on facebook! www.facebook.com Check out my BSN Profile! www.bsnonline.net Need to soundproof your studio? www.atsacoustics.com


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