Insane Metabolic Fat Burn Workout-Freestyle Friday!

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A sneak peak into my own crazy workout! Started this workout w a friend – who then had to leave. Only way I knew I would push through is if I was being taped. Thanks to my bffs who came in to workout -they taped it for me and made me laugh! I am in my third round. Heres the workout: Side lateral shuffles 20 distance "LittleBigs" all reps are on one side then the other So RL=1. Do all R then L Wide pu,narrow pu, plyo pu, reg. pu Take your rep range and divide by 4 for reps KB swings TRX low row Reverse burpeeregular burpee (each burpee is a rep) TRX WORM My first round was 40 reps, 2nd round 30 reps, 3 round 20 reps Was going to do a fourth round but decided to a little sparring w the gals instead. KICK.YOUR.ASS.WORKOUT! Hard hard hard. POWER on!


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