I USED to Weight 240 Pounds! ( before and after ) losing 60lbs in 3 months!

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Loving all the comments guys thanks alot! || i worked out for about 8 months to get my body were i wanted it now that i complished that it feels great im now 180 lbs of solid muscle, i did it and YOU CAN TOO just keep your goals and stay determined! focus and you will pourvale!. |my bodyfat % is 9, also im in school for personal training im going to make this carrier :) Here are some most asked questions -did you do steriods? : NO, ofcourse not. -did you take any protine shakes? :Yes whey protine -How many days and hours did you work out? atleast an hour a day and 3-5 days a week. -can i help you?: send me a message yes i can. -i started off by doing cardio runing,using the bike treadmill and row machine once i got more comfortable with the enviorment of the gym i moved into the weight room and started lifting weights once i lost a few pounds. -how long did it take you to lose the fat?: it took me about 2 and half months of gym 5 days a week.


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