How To Raw Food Recipes " Pralines and Cream Dessert Balls" "What To Eat On A Raw Food Diet"

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Do you love eating sweets, but want a healthier version. I use to love pralines and cream ice cream from BR ice cream shop,but milk does not go well with me so I remove it from my diet. I miss the pralines and cream favor but not the milk. so after much thought I decided to make a healthy raw food treat that is busting with that same favor, but wont rob me of my energy. This raw food recipe is great for anyone. My kids love this raw food recipe and I feel good as a mom because I know they are eating whole foods. This raw food recipe is simple and easy to make. The recipe contains: 25 Dates 12 cup of pecans 12 cup of cashews 1 tbsp of vanilla favoring 14 tsp of coconut oil ( optional I use this to add a few more calories to my diet. It also adds extra Moisture ) 14 to 13 of a cup of pecans ( to be used as a outside coating for an extra crunch) Step One: You want to add all your ingredients to your food processor and blend until it because a ball dough texture. Remove the mixture from the food processor and set aside. ( need a food processor This is the one I have ) Step Two: Add extra nuts to the food processor and grind to your desire coating texture. Step Three: You can eat them now if you want a warm sweet treat or you let the chill in the fridge for a nice treat later. This is a great reward for eating your raw veggies I am losing weight and getting healthy by adding live foods to my everyday diet. Come join me and get into the raw. Eating raw foods <b>…<b>


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