How to Lose Weight Quickly, Are You Overtraining? & Stretching

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Get Nutrition Working For You: Straight from, your questions answered by me! Today I cover your questions on losing weight quickly, over training & stretching. Mind Food Monday = YOUR questions answered in a tactical, actionable manner – EVERY MONDAY from ME to YOU. Be sure to ASK your questions in the comment box below – but remember I try to keep responses 60 seconds or less – so ask good, concise questions! If comments are closed – GO to the NEWEST video to ask your question Subscribers get preference, subscribe View Past Questions: —————- THE WORKOUT CORNER – Workout Routines, Strategies & RESULTS. Subscribe & Ill Make You More Videos: Want MOAR vids? Checkout my channel: Like on Facebook & Friend: Follow me on Twitter for latest updates: Thanks for watching! To Your Results, Ryan **** LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise or weight-loss program. I am not a medical professional. The general information displayed here is not intended to substitute for or replace your healthcare professional. Reliance on any information appearing here is strictly at your own risk.


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