How to Lose Weight Permanently – The LA Diet

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The LA Diet is a lifestyle of eating that helps you lose weight PERMANENTLY. Its a healthy and sensible eating plan that promotes long term successful weight loss without hunger, pills, potions or unhealthy gimmicks. Guidelines by a Registered Dietitian. Check out our Website: Facebook Page: Subscribe so youre notified when new videos become available. The LA Diet is the most sensible and successful weight loss program available today. Forget calorie counting and going hungry…learn why WHAT you eat is key to permanent weight loss. The eating plan is the answer to Americas obesity and overweight problem. Its a lifestyle of eating that complements our biology, encouraging fruits, vegetables whole grains and lean protein or vegetarian alternatives. It also promotes "grazing" – eating 6 or 7 meals a day. No hunger, no gimmicks, gadgets or pills. Its a sensible eating plan that works for permanent weight loss and long term success.


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