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There is no doubt that you need to eat healthy to lose weight but more than it is more important to control the portion size of the food. Healthy food or unhealthy food if you eat more of anything you will not lose weight. Mostly all of us try and eat healthy food but still keep on piling weight because we are eating too much of food,more food equals to more calories and more calories equals to more weight . Calories are calories and it does not matter where they come from ,if you eat more calories you will put on more weight and that is why for effective weight loss its best to control the portion size of the food. I understand there are situations when you have to eat unhealthy food but if you have to eat unhealthy food then consume less of it so that you dont put on weight. Also please avoid crash diets like GM Diet, Cabbage Soup diet , Master Cleanse Diets and other quick fix diets claim to reduce weight quickly .Following such crash diets regularly can lead to several nutritional deficiencies which in turn leads to hair loss, poor skin quality and even osteoporosis , in some cases it can even lead to severe health consequences like prolong irritation and severe depression. Also remember that weight loss achieved through crash diets is temporary and the moment you go back to your normal diet plan all the weight loss comes back quickly thats purely because most of the weight loss achieved through these diets is mere water loss. Healthy weight loss is a process and if <b>…<b>


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