How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off (Fitness Instructor Tips!)

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Loading .... In todays video youll learn how to lose weight effectively and how to keep it off forever as Fitness Instructor Russ Howe walks you through an often over-complicated process and breaks down the simple steps to take to get the most from your diet and training program. Celeb trainer Russ is now the respected coach of people from several walks of life, including; Models, actresses, actors, doctors, athletes, nurses, teachers, business owners, MMA fighters, boxers, and is one of the few Fitness Instructors to be qualified in working with children in the gym, too, after helping the uk government with an initiative to prevent childhood obesity, so if you are serious about losing weight you are about to receive all the help you need to do just that. Most people trying to burn fat find themselves struggling to stick to their plan and usually come off after just a couple of weeks without any results to show for it often leading to a never-ending cycle of trying out new diets and new training programs to no avail. No more. There are several simple, proven, free steps everybody can take to ensure they not only lose the weight they want to lose, but also that they can keep that weight off forever, too! In todays interview, Russ details these steps. Implement them into YOUR diet and exercise program now, and you will see positive change in your results.


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