how to lose 70 punds in 12 weeks part 7

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this are all the pictures i took there was a moment i stoped takeing videos because my father fell ill and had to be taken to the hospital dureing that week i had 2 weeks left before my 12 week tranformation eventhough i had to stop going to the gym i had done alot with my body. though the time i was there i sticked to my diet and i continued to lose weight i am not at 205 pounds and i will post a after video of how i am now and how i have maintained my weight off so far. i thank all of you who have been with me and followed my videos and i hope that one day you will get inspired also to know that eventhough i was 18 at the time i began this it didnt take to long for me to lose the weight i needed it was with hard work clean diet and determination that i succeded i didnt cheat i didnt use a magic pill i didnt get surgery hard work and alot of pain is what i went though. i will take a new video sooon to show you how i look now i am not ripped nor shredded but i have a better body now then when i started i can do pull ups now and thats something i havent been able to do all my life. i stoped working out about 9 weeks into my program and only dieted the rest so thats why my videos stop at a certain point sorry about that but time and school took over again now i have alot more time but my life and my weight are under a great spot and i no longer desire to lose too much weight i need another 20 pounds perhaps next summer il do it again but for now i have reached a point in my <b>…<b>


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