How to lose 70 pounds in 12 weeks pt 2

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weight loss 70 pounds in 12 weeks bodybuilding steroids burn fat how to get a six pack easy work out push ups bench press gym funny mistakes lol owned tredmill accident workout program arnold ronnie colman jay cuttler mr olympia 2009 2010 how to lose weight how to eat healthy bodybuilding Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding workout muscle metal pumping iron motivation gold´s gym sport mr.olympia training please post thoughts and ideas as a question not as a rude comment because i wont appreciate being talked down to after what i went through. so if u have something to say and arent sure example. dont say. u starved! instead say what was your full diet? that way i can help everyone and i wont look bad or perhaps make other belive a lie u posted. thanks. This is my first video series of weight loss vids. i am the person in the videos and i will be updateing my description with time because of time management issues and i want to be as detailed as i can be. to start off i got my diet from here but i alterd it a small bit to fit my budget and my tastes in food. my work outs where the same as the list Day 1 – Sets × Reps Chest: Incline Barbell Press 2 x 8, 8 (dropsets) Incline Flyes 2 x 8, 8 (dropsets) Flat Flyes 2 x 8, 8 (dropsets) Flat Barbell Press 2 x 8, 8 (dropsets) Triceps: French Press 2 x 8, 8 (dropset) Overhead Cable Extensions 2 x 8, 8 (dropset) Cable Extension 2 x 8, 8 (dropset) Upper & Lower Abdominals: Crunches 3 x Failure Hanging Leg Raises <b>…<b>


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