how to lose 70 pounds in 12 weeks part 6.2

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please post thoughts and ideas as a question not as a rude comment because i wont appreciate being talked down to after what i went through. so if u have something to say and arent sure example. dont say. u starved! instead say what was your full diet? that way i can help everyone and i wont look bad or perhaps make other belive a lie u posted. thanks. This is my first video series of weight loss vids. i am the person in the videos and i will be updateing my description with time because of time management issues and i want to be as detailed as i can be. to start off i got my diet from here but i alterd it a small bit to fit my budget and my tastes in food. my work outs where the same as the list Day 1 – Sets × Reps Chest: Incline Barbell Press 2 x 8, 8 (dropsets) Incline Flyes 2 x 8, 8 (dropsets) Flat Flyes 2 x 8, 8 (dropsets) Flat Barbell Press 2 x 8, 8 (dropsets) Triceps: French Press 2 x 8, 8 (dropset) Overhead Cable Extensions 2 x 8, 8 (dropset) Cable Extension 2 x 8, 8 (dropset) Upper & Lower Abdominals: Crunches 3 x Failure Hanging Leg Raises (With A Twist To Target Obliques) 3 x Failure print Click Here For A Printable Log Of Day 1. Day 2 – Sets × Reps Back: Lateral Pulldowns 2 x 8, 8 (dropset) Bent-Over Rows 2 x 8, 8 (dropset) Deadlifts 2 x 8, 8 (dropset) Single-Arm Rows 2 x 8, 8 (dropset) Brian Friedman Exercising Click Image To Enlarge. Brian Friedman: Heavy Lat Pulldowns! Biceps: Preacher Curls 2 x 8, 8 (dropset) Concentration Curls 2 x 8 <b>…<b>


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