How I Met Justin Bieber Season 2 Part 33 [2/3]

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Justin Bieber: Thinks To Self:….Our hearts is shared with each other..I want her and nothing at all…Just her presence being here with me makes my heart beat faster and faster, not noticing any of my surroundings… You:-Slowly pull back your head- "Justin… Justin B:"Hmm." (smiles) You:"The …-Point with your eyes over to the table- Justin B:(turns around) "Right." -Kisses your cheek and slowly takes our hand- Justin B:(Pulls out the chair from the table and lets you sit down then pushes you in and takes his seat) Justin B:"my mom isnt a good cook..(chuckles)…So I ordered." (smiles) You:-Let out a giggle and smile at him- "Which reminds me Bieber, I should get you back for buying me this revenge." Justin B:-Leans across the table- "Really, then take it off if you dont want it." (chuckles) "Joking, joking, joking." (smiles and nods his head) You:-Laugh and pickle up a fork and start eating some of the pasta with meatballs- Justin B:-Spins his fork and tells you to open your mouth and you start laughing- You:(Nod your head in disagreement) "Trust me ..Its not a movie to work out perfectly." (Chuckle) Justin B:(Smiles) -Slowly asks your favorite foods, colors, movies, what you love the most, and every bit of information he wants to know about you to get to know you even more- You:"Titanic and Notebook..I used to watch those with my friends..And Zoey always use to cry at the end of Titanic..-You start remembering how Zoey always used to make jokes of how the boat <b>…<b>


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