High Vibrational Diet with Dan "The Life Regenerator" McDonald & Yulia Tarbath.

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Just as human beings represent energy which vibrates, the food that we bring into our bodies also has vibrational frequency. High-vibrational foods, such as raw fruits, help us rise in our vibrations, whilst lower-vibrational foods, such as junk, processed, cooked foods and animal products lower our vibrations. In this video, Dan "The Life Regenerator" McDonald and Yulia talk about the vibrations of food and how a fruit-based raw food diet can help our up-spiral evolution. To download Yulias book on evolution, inner transformation and the raw food diet, please visit rawsomehealthy.com To learn about the benefits of a low fat, raw food diet, please visit www.rawsomehealthy.com To donate to the Rawsomehealthy Channel, please visit rawsomehealthy.com


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