Heidi Powell on Diet, Weight Loss and Reshaping Women’s Bodies with a 12-Week Bod-e Challenge

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Visit transformnow.vemmabode.com TO ORDER YOUR BOD-E PRODUCT NOW ! Meet Heidi Powell Mother of 3 Vemma Bod•ē Spokesperson, Personal Trainer and Life Coach Heidi Powell has empowered the lives of thousands across the globe, becoming a household name in the world of fitness. Starting as a professional trainer when she was only 19 years old, Heidi has become a well-known health expert and life-coach, who has leveraged her years of transformative experience to help educate and inspire individuals to lead healthier, happier and more successful lives. Im excited to partner with Vemma Bod•ē to get people to their healthy weight.*" Through her career and life experiences, Heidi realized the power of the human mind, and the need for proper instruction to help others overcome many of lifes challenges — shaping her success as a transformation coach, businesswoman and mother of three. Heidi has teamed up with her husband Chris to carry out their vision of transforming lives worldwide through personal coaching, speaking engagements, television appearances and innovative solutions. In more recent developments, Heidi has joined together with Vemma, one of the premiere leaders in liquid wellness supplementation, to help make a positive difference in the $80 billion domestic weight loss market. Through texting, email and the latest in iPhone app technology, Heidi will coach tens of thousands of people several times a day with an incredibly effective new approach to weight loss <b>…<b>


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