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I am NOT an expert just a few things that I always think about when I need to lose a few pounds! 1. Make a decision to be healthy and that you want to lose weight 2. Choose an eating plan that would be the easiest to maintain something you can stick to. 3. Make a Grocery List and get to the grocery store! 4. Start Now! Dont wait, start at your next meal. Its never to late to start over! 5. Eat smaller meals throughout the day to avoid being too hungry 6. Exercise and move your body at least 30 minutes a day. Holiday Tips: 1. Eat something before you go to holiday parties and family functions, preferably something with protein to keep you satisfied and easier to say no to foods you shouldnt have. 2. Say No to sugary cocktails try a Flavored Vodka and Club Soda I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor Thanks for visiting my channel!  Please Subscribe Visit me: Beauty-Blogger206841146022116 Twitter-@Ressa777 Makeup Brushes, I am a Sigma Affiliate and you can be too! Blog: FTC: All products used in this video were purchased by me. (


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